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 Robbins Scents is quickly becoming known as the freshest wildlife scent available to hunters.
Whether its Buck N' Rut, Doe N Heat, Buck Urine, Doe Urine, Elk N Rut, Elk N Estrus, Bear Sow and new for 2014 Season Magic Scrape all have a Used By Date on each bottle.
The key to Robbins Scents is we offer the freshest scent on the market. 
The scent industry is flooded with well being folks offering scents to sportsmen but the scent you are buying has manufactured at a plant then bottled then shipped to wholesales (where it sits in a warehouse for lord knows how long) then to the deal/retail store to set on a shelf for again who knows how long.
With each bottle of Robbins Scents you are getting scent as fresh as when it comes our deer, elk and bear.
We can keep out cost down by using the best advertising available "word of mouth", we don't have to pay any high priced celebrating to push our scent we have our customers doing to for us.
Thank you for visiting the Robbins Scent website and I hope that we can prove that our scent is only scent you'll ever need,

Craig Robbins
Owner Robbins Scents
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